No boundaries 10 ; steps of 30 percent

Steps of 30 percent improvement of efficiency is what i see in my 30 year history with tools, programs and applications.
The first one was using a template to write letters on a drawing.
It cost me so much effort to write beautiful letters, that the usage of a template helped me a lot. Not 30 % but it was a great help.

The second one was AutoCAD on a pc. It costs a lot, the AT computer and the Harvard graphics monochrome screen, but the efficiency went up another 30 percent.

Finding drawings became a problem so buying a filemanager like Autobase with keywords helped a lot. Not 30 % but it was again a great help.

Using Cosmos/Works was a major step. Certainly a 30% step.

A good user interface and a rather good solver helped selling a lot of machines.

The first steps in 3d were made with AutoCAD. Mechanical Desktop from AutoDESK was another 30 % gain.

The parametric possibilities were a major step ahead. Next came Inventor with a lot less buttons, but not really a productivity gain.  Other tools used were NX and a lot of different FEA programs like Ansys, Femap Nastran and Mecway.

I thought that that was it, until SIMSOLID came along. This program is again giving a 30% gain in productivity.

The nonlinear toolbox is simply good. Importing a full assembly from any application including nuts, bolts, rings and just run it, is great!

So what is next?

2st biedt ondersteuning op het werken met SIMSOLID voor het Nederlands sprekende taalgebied. Neem contact op voor de mogelijkheden.

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